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If you have submitted data for review, please download your dataset below (should appear 2-5 minutes after submitting. If your data does not appear, please get in touch after refreshing this page. NB: Data is listed alphabetically!).

Additional resources:

RECIST360 beta product info - New to the beta tool? Find out more here!

RECIST360 product info - Find out more about our fully deployable tool.

Showcase  From here you are able to view demonstrations of some of the tools that we have on offer.

NB: This is an educational-use facility that requires test data being entered manually.  If you have requirements to run live clinical data (direct feed), please get in touch for a no-obligation demonstration.

Below are reports kindly provided by you or other users of this facility.  Files are named as follows: the first two letters represent the filename the user chose, followed by number of cycles entered, number of target lesions, number of non-target lesions, number of new lesions and finally the date and time the report was requested.  For example, AA_C9_5T_2NT_1NW = filename 'AA', 9 cycles, 5 target and 2 non-target lesions. This helps you know the type of information in each file without opening first. We recommend these files are opened to laptop/PC.


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