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Free educational RECIST1.1 lesion review tool                                                           

RECIST360-beta process: easy as 1-2-3 (see video of below steps here)!

  1. Enter limited anonymised data into online form

  2. Choose your delivery format (email/online repository)

  3. Analysed datasets are available to download shortly after submission

No time to create a sample report and just want to look at an example output?  See what othes creaed here!

Why is this for free? What does Apples & Oranges get out of this?

We know there are no other online tools that provide such an in-depth and visual review of RECIST1.1 data, and certainly not free. We always want to improve our creations, including our main tool, so we hope that providing this as an educational facility, users  will provide us with useful feedback.  By having a free version, we simply get more feedback.  Users wishing to use our commercial off-line version for production data, should get in touch with us.  


RECIST360-beta is Apple and Orange's free educational-only version of our fully functioning lesion review tool. RECIST360-beta is semi-online; users simply upload their test case data into the tool with the resultant analysed dataset becoming available shortly afterwards. Whilst we fine tune RECIST360, this beta version allows users a flavour of what they could expect from the main tool. The beta version enables users to download a fully reviewed data findings report using their submitted data. No expected commitment and no cost!

RECIST360-beta features: 

  • Enter only a limited number of datapoints into the template form. 

  • No requirement to enter personal (email is optional) or sensitive real-world study data!

  • Data is then processed and is downloadable in a few minutes.

  • The resultant findings report illustrates what the user can expect to see when using the main tool, RECIST360. The report itself shows the user data issues as well as query text that they would be able to use in a real world study environment.


Can I use real data?    

Whilst RECIST360-beta is almost a mirror image of the main tool, we encourage users to be entering dummy data for their own educational purposes to get an understanding of the outputs and learn more about RECIST1.1 guidelines. Please get in touch if you have further questions. 

Is my data secure?                                                 

If you decided to receive your report over email, then the only individual who will see your returned report is the email recipient (note: your email address is never used for any other purposes).  Because this is an educational facility, we encourage users to opt to allow others to see the reports that result from your entered data; thereby they can learn how RECIST360 handles different data scenarios without having to enter more data themselves.  In other words, you get to chose if others can see your returned reports.

But why do I have to manually enter data into the template?                                             

RECIST360-beta is a semi-online tool and demonstrates the data review capabilities of our main tool which will accept a data feed from various sources such as EDC in an automatic manner (please see more detail on RECIST360 here). So, the only way to get a report is to enter data manually.  Unlike other online calculators that also expect manual data entry and tend to only calculate for a single cycle, this educational facility runs over multiple cycles; the very entry of data scenarios over several cycles can only serve to aid in increasing a user's knowledge of RECIST 1.1.  But if you don't want to enter data, feel free to view a report someone else created for their - and your - benefit.

I don't have time to enter test data into your template! 

That's fine - take a look at what others created here.

Are you collecting any patient identifiers or any other sensitive information?

The short answer is no! Please see the online form; it is impossible to enter identifiable information. 

Are you collecting any information on me?

The short answer is no! Your personal details are not required to use this tool - we don't even require your email address. If you wanted to be alerted that your report is available over email, your email address is used for no other purpose.  Your email address is also never contained inside a report. We would however appreciate any feedback you may, once you have reviewed the outputs. 

How is this beta tool different to the full version?

The beta version is semi online whilst the full version, RECIST360, can be used offline in a desktop environment which also allows users to setup data feeds from their EDC system. The commercial version is not only able to run on hundreds, or 1000s, of patients automatically - literally millions of calcuations in seconds - but also requires no double-data review when you come to refresh the tool with new data.  We have various options available to clients from 100% self-run to an outsourced model where clients are provided updated reports in a flexible schedule.


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