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PK Reconciliation & sample tracking

Our latest clinical trials addition, is  a PK (pharmacokinetic) reconciliation tool. Reconciles 100% of dosing vs. PK sampling times, with no double-data review between review cycles. User dynamically interacts with the tool’s interface. The tool will automatically highlight potential discrepant data, bringing both automation and quality to this niche area of our clinical trial community. An ideal tool for study teams for regular PK checks or for PK oversight control. This tool is coming soon and will be an off-the-shelf tool available through a licence agreement. It can can be  adapted to client's requirements.

PD and IK reconciliation can also be supported by A&O.

Please find more information here.

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Lesion data review and dashboard

Assessment of lesion data is often time-consuming and not performed in a methodical fashion despite the emergence of guidance such as RECIST 1.1.  These 'rules' whilst providing a common framework across studies, still leaves the review of the lesion data itself performed inefficiently. EDC platforms often have a limited number of edit checks and any programmed listings are often too complex for the end user to understand. This often ends up with medical review at the critical end of a study which is often performed with the use of flat files laid out incoherently.

Please find more information here.

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Clinical study oversite and forecasting tool

4Site Clinical is a tool that allows study personnel to have a more in-depth overview of clinical trial status. Not only does it provide better oversight, but it also enables data managers, clinicians, project managers etc to forecast what visits will be due in the next x weeks, show impact of deliverables that have a data cut off date but also have a useful reports function. This allows users to either create clinical study reports from scratch or simply use one of the pre-made templates. It also allows the study team to create monitoring checklists or easily create study status reports prior to an interim detailing where the issues lie by utilising fresh trial system(s) data.

Please find more information here.

A 'spot the difference' data comparison tool - comparing seemingly two identical sheets and showing the user what the differences are. 

This is one big area where Excel users come unstuck - comparing seemingly two identical sheets. Many users still compare manually which will quickly lead to inefficient working practices. Imagine how many times in the workplace there is a need to reconcile or compare two different datasets. One may be a review that was performed 3 months ago and now another almost identical sheet has been located which forces the user to play 'spot the difference'. But how is this possible when you have thousands of rows to compare? That's where this latest tool from Apples and Oranges can save you quite a bit of time!


Please find more information here.

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