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Born in Africa and fortunate enough to have a geologist father, I have lived in many parts of world and fortunate enough to visit many of it's 'corners'. This has helped form a global view in everything I do; working with people from various backgrounds with different cultures. Ultimately there are different approaches to accomplishing tasks in the workplace; there is often not a wrong or right way to achieve an end goal! 

Just because 'poor' people may have little disposal income does not necessarily mean they have less - whilst I had everything a boy could want in terms of toys, I would see fellow children having just as much fun with whatever they could create with materials they had access to. People will succeed in life with the resources that they have available. That is very much the way I have approached professional life also. Employees may often complain to managers that they don't have the tools to do their job properly. This is often the case from the ground up. "We cannot achieve to review this data efficiently as we need to have 'GizmoVis'. Roche/Covance/IQVIA have this, so we also need this for our own department". Just like the child in Africa with his toy car made from the 'rubbish' around him, departments can create tools from what is at their disposal.










When not working behind a keyboard, I de-stress with other more leisurely activities which include windsurfing (ideal in warmer waters such as Fiji rather than British seas - especially when you're still at the beginner level!) and travel having been fortunate to backpack the world for a year (2002) before a family! 

More recently I have been busy extending and renovating my house which has been a steep learning curve, but has been rewarding as I've never been happy when 'professional' tradesman do anything for me. Again, this also reflects to some extent how I conduct myself in professional life. If I am not happy with someone's work level, then it will be pointed out and if there is no future improvement then I will often take a task on myself not only to get it done but also to show the individual the level of standard that I expect.


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