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Tracker and visualisation tool using 4Site

Please note that this report is now only updated periodically.  Please download latest report and archived reports from here:

4Site Clinical - COVID-19 Tracker (hosted by Google Drive)

Note: this is a Desktop application, tested in Windows Office installations of 2010 and above, and is not currently available for tablet or mobile use. 

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UPDATE: Covid-19 will no doubt impact existing clinical trials. A&O has resources available to assist with data management tasks or deliver bespoke tooling to assist clinical trial teams during this  period. Please get in touch.


Using our 4Site Clinical tool, we have adapted this to allow users to visualise and extrapolate Coronavirus case data using 4Site's inbuilt capabilities.

4 Site Clinical is a clinical study management tool but has been adapted in our efforts to map and make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic using a number of metrics that help illustrate the severity levels at a country level. This is free to use and available via download below.

The tool is updated on a daily basis subject to source data being available. There are many excellent trackers available, but by being a small entity we aim to be different by being reactive to any feedback, suggestions or wish-lists you may have - please enter feedback at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: Users accept that as the characteristics of the pandemic evolve, so too may the programming of the tool. It has not been double-programmed and undergone full UAT as A&O's licenced tools.  Users should not adopt this as a decision making tool and must always consult original datasets.

Tool screenshot

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