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Whatever we do we do it with humility. We aim to please. Our purpose in each day is to make life better and easier for everyone we come into contact with. We actively seek out these opportunities and are prepared to sacrifice, time, resources and comfort to achieve them. Service is our attitude.


Whatever we do, we do it with all of our ability. We seek to find enjoyment in every task. We don’t discredit the little things. We understand that what we do serves a greater vision. We understand that our work enables our passion.


We do what we say, and say what we mean. We remain the same day in and day out regardless of the circumstances. We don’t take shortcuts. We do things the right way regardless of the cost. We treat people fairly and with dignity. We never talk behind someone’s back.

Hard work

We accept what needs doing and we do it without being asked. We work continuously at a task until it is finished. When faced with an obstacle we find a way around it. We never give up.


Despite set-backs, upsets and disappointments we continue forward and we look for solutions. We are ever hopeful. We are prepared to be wrong when we are right. We don’t sweat the small stuff. We accept we all make mistakes and are there ready to show grace to others at all times.